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Dragonflies, Frogs and Bumblebees
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Track One

Dragonflies, Frogs and Bumblebees

Inspired by three critters I found getting on with their business in our garden, I decided to write each one their own theme. The first you hear is the Dragonfly's theme, then the Bumblebee, followed by the Frog hopping around on the bass.

D A D G B E - Fylde Custom Alexander.


Track Two


A lonely lighthouse, and a storm approaching.

C G C G B E - Fylde Custom Alexander.


Track Three


A violent evening, and a broken nose.

E A D F# B E - Fylde Custom Alexander.


Track Four

Humphrey's Hat

A famous actor, and some Hollywood swagger.

E A D F# B D# - Fylde Custom Ariel


Track Five

The Musicbox Waltz

An old musicbox, and an empty house.

E A D G B E - Fylde Custom Alexander. 


Track Six

A Thousand Paper Cranes

A dear friend's wedding, and a whole lot of origami.

E A D G B E - Fylde Custom Alexander.


Track Seven

Old Harry

An old stack of rock, and a beautiful coastline.

E A D G B E - Fylde Custom Alexander.


Track Eight

Fluff Ball

A hyper dog, and a whole lot of fluff.

E A D G A E - Fylde Custom Alexander.


Track Nine

The Nightwatchman

A lonely guard, and a long night.

E A D G B E - Fylde Custom Alexander.


Track Ten

Dragon's Back

A South African mountain range, and a brave knight.

E A D G B E - Fylde Custom Ariel.


Bonus Track

Emma (with Innotet)

Violin I: Seonaid Aitken | Violin II: Innes Watson | Viola: Patsy Reid | Cello: Alice Allen

D A D G B E - Fylde Custom Classic.


My thanks to:

All my family and friends for the unending support and inspiration. This album is very much for them.

Clive Carroll for his time as composition mentor and producer.

Antonio Forcione for his advise and inspiration, (and espresso).

Roger Bucknall MBE and his team at Fylde Guitars. They're quite something.

Tim Pennells at Bryanston for his outstanding mixing and mastering.

Sontronics for their gorgeous microphones.

LR Baggs for the pickups.

G7th for their capos and continued support.