48 hour atlas



It was born out of an idea, a simple but challenging plan; to write and record an 8 track album in 48 hours. Chris Woods Groove and Will McNicol ventured to a rural cottage in Devon in April 2015 with the aim to create an album within the strictest time frame. Minimalism was the initial inspiration for the musical content, with the ideas of nautical travel and long distances being a large part of the visual inspiration. Both virtuoso guitarists, they restricted themsleves to playing simply and sensitively, the result is an album brimming with brooding brilliance. You can hear tasters of the tunes in the video above, and are availble for download via the iTunes store, Amazon and can be streamed via Spotify.





48 Hour Atlas


Music written and recorded by Will McNicol and Chris Woods Groove

Anchors Part I

Anchors Part II

Anchors Part III

Anchors Part IV

Horizons Part I

Horizons Part II

Horizons Part III

Horizons Part I


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