A New Year, A New Album: Dragonflies, Frogs and Bumblebees

A very happy New Year to you! 2018 is shaping up to be a busy one, but first things first: a new solo album! It's been a while since my last solo album release: The Wake Up back in 2013, so it's about time too really! This one's a special one, it's due out on 16/03/18 and pre-orders for both the CD and accompanying book are available now.

Dragonflies, Frogs and Bumblebees
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The artwork has been done by the fabulous tattoo artist and illustrator, Katie Louise Hobson.

You can check out a brand new performance video of the title track below, with a wonderful animation at the beginning by Amsterdam-based comic book artist, Hugo.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Clive Carroll as producer and composition mentor on this album and I'm very grateful for his input.

Whilst on the subject of feeling fortunate, this album is rounded off by a piece of mine called Emma performed by the wonderful Glasgow-based string quartet, Innotet. What tremdeouns musicians they are too, and my enormous thanks to Seonaid Aitken (Violin I), Innes Watson (Violin II and arranger), Patsy Reid (viola) and Alice Allen (cello). You can check out a video we recorded of this below.

There will be plenty to announce, many more videos and concerts upcoming, so keep an eye out and I thoroughly hope you enjoy listening.

All the best for 2018,


Will McNicol

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Will McNicol